There’s nothing more secure than our data destruction process. Computer disposal Birmingham have done security evaluations and established any threats.

Our analysis has come through with quite a few procedures we live up to:

  • All staff are CRB checked yearly and new staff aren’t allowed to operate unless they have been able to provide an up to date certificate
  • The vehicles used for each collection are our own
  • All drivers are allowed to take their vehicles home with them but before they do so, all collected equipment must be unloaded. We have day and night teams who do this quickly and efficiently
  • All collections holding data are stacked on individual pallets to ensure they don’t get mixed up with any other collections
  • Inside each vehicle when multiple collections are done, stickers are used to identify each one so they don’t get mixed up
  • Everything removed from the customer is data wiped, shredded or crushed
  • We have secure caged areas to hold high profile client data awaiting destruction. Only a certain number of employees have access to such areas

Physical security is taken just as seriously at the computer disposal Birmingham site:

  • The whole location is under 24 hour CCTV surveillance
  • A high tech alarm system is fitted and linked to main security
  • Everybody entering and leaving the site must go through the occupied main reception
  • During fire bells, all entrances are kept in an orderly fashion
  • Sensitive shock sensors are in place on multiple walls throughout the site
  • Extra bright lighting is in use throughout the night
  • Complete disposal asset inventories are written up for each collection to ensure no items go missing. If an item were to go missing, a report would be written up and then filed with our ISO9001 accreditation