PC Recycling Birmingham

PC recycling Birmingham: Your local PC recycling service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas

PC Recycling Birmingham allows customers to dispose of all types of PCs, laptops, servers, desktop PC units, UPSs, laser and ink jet printers etc. We can also collect cables / connectors free of charge.

The PC Recycling Birmingham service is helpful to you wherever you are located – Birmingham city centre, Highgate, Smethwick, Edgbaston, Selly Oak, King’s Heath, Druids Heath, Hollywood, Shirley, Solihull, Kingshurst, Coleshill, Kingstanding, Streetly, Walsall, Darlaston, Dudley, Brierley, Stourbridge, Wolverhampton etc.

The WEEE regulations were introduced to the UK in the 2000s which meant businesses and organisations had to change their recycling and disposal processes. They were no longer allowed to simply throw WEEE (waste electrical electronic Equipment) in skips or use unauthorised contractors. All waste removed from sites, needs to be done by a registered waste carrier and or broker and must be taken to an authorised site such as our T11 exempt site. Our T11 exempt site allows us to collect, fix / repair and refurbish and recycle electrical waste. Each waste transaction has to be documented with a waste note or hazardous waste consignment note. The PC Recycling Birmingham service provides them for you.

PC Recycling Birmingham collection such as this example occurs every day:

A waste management company who collected every type of waste, was struggling with one of its sectors. Many of their customers were requesting their IT Equipment waste to be collected and data destroyed but the waste management company wasn’t set up to provide asset reporting and data destruction. They were set up, mainly to recycle the actual materials. They contacted computer disposal Birmingham and we recommended PC Recycling Birmingham. This waste management company now uses us to collect all IT Related WEEE from their clients, we provide a free service and they charge so whatever market sector you are in, we can help you achieve you recycling aims. Did you know, we recycle over 60% of what we collect and the remaining is split up into different material types for complete material recycling. Nothing goes to landfill and even better this service is free of charge.