Paperwork | Documents

Our achievements:

  • UKAS Health and Safety
  • UKAS Business Continuity
  • UKAS Quality Management
  • UKAS Environmental Management
  • UKAS Data Information Security Management

> We are highly accredited with UKAS approved certification and as so can provide a compliant service.

The documents you will receive:

  • Asset Report
  • Quarterly Return
  • Waste Paperwork
  • Data Sanitization Certificate
  • Hazardous Waste Paperwork

> All documents are industry standard and are approved by the Environment Agency who inspect our operations.

We are licensed by the Environment Agency:

  • Site Licence
  • S2 Storage Exemption
  • Waste Carriers Licence
  • Hazardous Waste Exemption

> Computer Recycling Birmingham hold all required licensed to carry out our services legally and responsibly.