IT Recycling Birmingham

IT recycling Birmingham: Your local computer recycling service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas

IT Recycling Birmingham is a free computer / IT Recycling service that is provided and run by computer disposal Birmingham. We can be reached on 0121 667 6114.

For this service you will receive a range of documents to prove your IT Recycling Birmingham disposal was legit:

  • A waste transfer note which notes all non hazardous WEEE that was collected from you site.
  • A hazardous waste consignment note which notes all hazardous WEEE collected from your site. Hazardous waste notes go into more detail and if you’re registered as a hazardous waste producer, your registration number will be put on the document. If not, an EXE code will be used. As per the environment agencies rules, duty of care notes must be kept for 2 years and hazardous waste consignment notes must be kept on file for 3 years. Don’t worry, if you use IT Recycling Birmingham, we will keep all documentation on file so you don’t have to.
  • If you require a full inventory of what has been collected with your IT recycling Birmingham collection, we can complete one for you. This will be emailed over along with your data destruction certificate. Asset inventories can be on a spreadsheet, on a PDF or even barcode scanned – all depending on your requirements.
  • A data destruction certificate which states what exactly has been crushed, shredded, degaussed, data deleted and whether it was processed onsite or offsite.

Many customers have used IT Recycling Birmingham recently including a woman from a Birmingham based school. They had finally changed over their IT room assets after having being in there over 8 years. The computers were completely obsolete and they simply wanted everything removing free of charge. Due to their being over 30 CRTs, they had to register as a hazardous waste producer. The data was ok to be destroyed offsite as it was only a school so there wasn’t much confidential data held.