IT Disposal Birmingham

IT disposal Birmingham: Your local IT disposal service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas

You may be interested in IT Disposal Birmingham for a number of reasons. Many customers come to Computer disposal Birmingham for some of the following:

  • They have just had a complete IT asset changeover and are now left with a hand full of computer assets that need safely disposing of.
  • They are about to change over their computer infrastructure and need to plan the disposal in advance
  • Some previously used competition are too unreliable and are looking for a more reliable IT Disposal Birmingham partner
  • They no longer want to pay for IT disposals and are turning to computer disposal Birmingham for help
  • They want to comply with the WEEE regulations and the waste hierarchy regulations and need a bit of help
  • In need of a regular WEEE collection service due to a lot of IT Disposal waste being produced
  • You’re calling from a IT retailer and to comply with the WEEE regulations, you are looking for a WEEE collection company who can collect and recycle all your returns. If you are looking for this service, we can keep a full record of all your returns and even destroy all data held on them. As per the environment agencies instructions you need to keep records on file for a minimum of 3 years. Computer disposal Birmingham will do this all for you so you don’t have to.

One key thing that all IT Disposal Birmingham customers need to take note of is that if you produce over 500KG of hazardous waste every year you must inform the environment agency by registering as a hazardous waste producer and holder. Even if it is a one off computer / IT Disposal, you need to still register. No one is exempt. Once you have registered, you will be provided with a 6 digit code, unique to you which will be noted on all your IT Disposal Birmingham disposals.