Computer Recycling Birmingham

Computer Recycling Birmingham: Your local computer recycling service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas

One of computer disposal Birmingham’s new services is computer recycling Birmingham! This allows all residents of Birmingham to take advantage of this completely free service. Anything that is computer related will be removed from your site hassle free, providing you have more than 10 items (items being laptops, printers, desktop computers etc – things like cables / accessories are taken for recycling but we can’t class they as items). For e.g. a customer called up saying they had over 10 mice and keyboards but to collect that for recycling free of charge in Birmingham wouldn’t be viable.

Alongside our computer recycling Birmingham service, computer disposal Birmingham provides a range of data destruction and deletion options. We can either provide onsite or offsite data destruction. If you choose onsite there may be a small charge incurred but if you choose offsite as standard, your data holding devices will be either shredded, data wiped or crushed at our Birmingham disposal site. We can shred anything data holding such as CDROMS, DVDROMs, USB Sticks, Floppy drives, Back-up media tapes, hard drive disks and flash chips. The shredder and crusher are mounted in the back of a vehicle that comes to your site but we also have a set fixed at our Birmingham computer disposal centre. We can data destroy any hard drives for re-use using our newly refurbished and updates data wiping room which now holds over 35 systems. These can wipe hard drives to different standards including 3 pass MOD. They write zeros to each disk making data irrecoverable. Any faulty hard drives or ones below 20GB are physically crushed to CESG standards using the 10,000KG HDD crusher.

Don’t forget, once your asset report has been completed (if applicable), all your company references and asset tags are scraped off your IT items. Nothing will leave our computer recycling Birmingham site holding data or baring labels.