Computer Disposal Birmingham

Computer disposal Birmingham: Your local computer disposal service covering Birmingham and surrounding areas

If you are located in Birmingham and are looking for computer disposal Birmingham services, you are looking at the correct website. To book a computer disposal waste collection, please get in touch via either email or phone and one of our agents can help you. To arrange a collection using one of our own vehicles you need the following details: The location, the company name and your contact details. We need to know a rough idea of what you need collecting. Exact numbers aren’t vital but are very helpful. We need to know this so that we can ensure the correct vehicle is brought and that it has enough room. If there are any very heavy objects (e.g. photocopiers / huge printers or rack cabinets) please make us aware at the time of booking otherwise our driver may not be able to take them. If any heavy objects are included, a tail lift vehicle may be required.

We don’t use any third parties for any of the computer disposal Birmingham. All our vehicle are owned and run by ourselves. This has allowed us to train our staff to the highest levels. If you have any complaints or anything you are unhappy about, please fill in the feedback form when you are emailed one over along with your data destruction certificate.

Many customers use the computer disposal Birmingham service and one of the most recent was a large medical research company based in the suburbs. They had just exchanged their old IT Assets for a completely new IT infrastructure set up and needed to dispose of their old computers, laptops, servers, printers etc using a company that was authorised and regulated by the WEEE regulations. They were very pleased with the quote provided – completely free. They had over 30 Cisco routers that all had to be reset before they could leave the site along with a series of data baring hard drive disks that all needed crushing with our crusher. As the company needed to dispose of such a large volume, we were able to offer them expert onsite data configuration wiping and crushing using out computer disposal Birmingham 10 tonne crusher.